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Bali Mangrove Tours

Bali Mangrove Tours | Tanjung Benoa Beach Tourism

Bali Mangrove tours, after developing and verdant mangrove forests, the provincial government of Bali saw an opportunity to make the mangrove forest as a recreational area at least initially intended for the local community around.

The tourist area in mangrove forest synonymous with swamps and mud, and then how to get past the mangroves?

Surely there will be no end that would set foot on the muddy swamps. Therefore, the management of mangrove forest in Bali, providing a bridge wooden. Bridge with a length up to 2 km, to explore the tourist area in the mangroves.

Bali Mangrove tours

In some places on the carriageway, provided a special place for visitors to enjoy the atmosphere of a tour in the mangroves.

If you are ready for the road until arriving at the end of the wooden bridge, then this is where you can see the excellent scenery. Toll roads scenery and azure bay Benoa is evident from the end of the bridge mangrove forests.

The mangrove forests in Bali besides famous as a recreational area is also famous as one of the favorite places prewedding do photos. Not only local people of Bali who do pre-wedding photos in the mangrove forest, the bride of Jakarta and other countries also chose mangroves in Bali for the location pre-wedding photos.

If you are planning to visit the mangrove forest of Bali, should you come in the morning or in the afternoon? with the aim, so that the sun is not too hot and if you are lucky to see hordes of birds flying around the mangrove forest.

The price offered for travel in these mangrove forests is IDR 350,000 / person

Price includes:

  • visit the mangrove forest for 1 hour
  • Bottom Boat filled up to 10 passengers
  • Insurance and taxes

Requirements to obtain a free shuttle. To get a free shuttle, the minimum customer must:

  • Booked 3 Water Sports activities¬†for one person and the minimum booking is 2 person.
  • Booked 2 Water Sports activities for one person and the minimum booking is 3 person.
  • Booked water sports package¬†and the minimum booking is 2 person.

Areas in Bali which included in the free shuttle services Nusa Dua, Kuta, Jimbaran, Legian, Tanjung Benoa, Sanur, and Seminyak.


Bali Mangrove Tours

IDR 350.000

Booked And Information :

Kanha Bali Water Sports