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Kanha Bali Water Sports

Bali Fishing Boat

Friday, March 24th 2017.

Bali Fishing Boat

Bali fishing boat is fishing in Bali that we provide for those who love fishing by boat, we will guide you to make your fishing trip a success, so you do not worry whether you are an expert or new to learn, regardless of your age. Bali island is very popular with a variety of attractions and unique art and culture. A wide variety of tourist activities we can enjoy in Bali one of which is the activity of fishing tourism. sea area around the island of Bali has a wide variety of fish such as Spanish Mackerel, traveling, Wahoo, Mahi – Mahi, Tuna, Sail Fish, Barracuda.

bali fishing boat

Several options of Bali fishing boat you can do, such as

Live Bait fishing and mangrove fishing

The style of fishing is for fishermen. fishing lures used for this style are small fish like sardines so that when viewed by a big fish and small fish that are coming her way and ate it. This is the simplest way and is very relaxed but all kinds of fish will be caught in this way.

Jigging, casting, and popping

Jigging :

  • A wide variety of fish that can be caught with this method, such as Amberjack, dogtooth tuna, grouper, Red Ruby, snapper, and many others.
  • This style of fishing we recommend to those who are experts.
  • Our team will be your guidance.

Casting – Popping:

  • Most of the targets are giant trevally, and we connect trevally species to another and from time to time is snapper.
  • the fishing style is recommended for an expert.

Bottom Fishing

Bottom fishing, Handline / Traditional Fishing or Night Fishing:

A very wide range of fish will eat our ship bait such as Snapper, grouper, Trigger Fish and many other unique color fish will be hooked up.


for varieties of tuna, mahi-mahi ( Dorado ), barracuda, Trevallies and sometimes Blue or Black marlin. Other Game Fish as well

The price offered for fishing in Bali

Prices include:

  • Shuttle Transport
  • Guide
  • Equipment
  • Soft Drink
  • Lunch Box
  • Insurance

Publish rate is the price you get if you booked directly on the location of the fishing

Our rate is the price you get if you book through this website


Location and fishing season in Bali

Location fishing in Bali

  • Nusa Dua Beach
  • Serangan Beach
  • Nusa Penida

Fishing season in Bali

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