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Kanha Bali Water Sports

Bali Paragliding Adventure

Thursday, July 18th 2019.

Bali Paragliding Adventure

Bali paragliding Adventure is a very well-known sport in Bali that flies freely using cloth wings (parachutes) that take off with feet for recreational or competition purposes.

Bali Paragliding Adventure

Bali Paragliding Adventure takes off from a Payung mountain slope in Sawangan Nusa Dua using the wind. Wind that is used as a lifting resource that causes this parachute to float high in space consists of two types, namely, the dynamic lift and the rising wind caused by thermal (thermal lift). By utilizing both sources, the pilot can fly very high and reach long distances. What’s interesting is that everything that is done is without using a machine, only to use the wind.

Paragliding equipment is very light, the weight of all equipment (parachute, harness, spare parachute, helmet) is around 10-15 kg. Paragliding equipment is also very practical because it can be inserted into a backpack that can be carried on the back.

The main equipment in paragliding sports include main parachute and backup, harness, and helmet. Flying supporting equipment needed include variometer, radio / HT, GPS, windmeter, flying location map, etc. While the equipment for flying clothes includes flight suits / flight suits, gloves, and high-heeled / boot shoes. The type of parachute used is very dependent on the level of ability of the pilot and the weight of the pilot. At least there are three types of paragliding parachutes namely, parachutes for beginners, parachutes for intermediate pilots, and parachutes for advanced pilots. The size of the parachute must also match the weight of the flight. Available sizes include XS, S, M, L and LL for fly / tandem.

The pilot sits on a belt (harness) that hangs under the wing of a cloth whose shape is determined by the rope ties and the air pressure entering the vent at the front of the wing.

Bali Paragliding Adventure Location

1. Gunung Payung Sawangan Nusa Dua (March – August)

2. Uluwatu ( September – Pebruari)

Bali Paragliding Adventure price

$ 110

Price Included :

  • Free Shuttle
  • Camera
  • All Equipment
  • Pilot
  • Insurance