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Kanha Bali Water Sports

Tanjung Benoa Water Sports Package

Saturday, March 18th 2017.

Tanjung Benoa Water Sports Package | Bali Water Sports Cheap Price

If you take a holiday to Bali with your family or your spouse and choose to travel in Tanjung Benoa, Tanjung Benoa Water Sports Package is much cheaper than you buy one water sports activities in addition you get a free shuttle service.

Tanjung Benoa Water Sports Package

Tanjung Benoa Beach not far from the attractions of Nusa Dua and the tourist area of ITDC is one of the favorite tourist in Bali because this beach has waves of sea water was very calm and safe for the activity of water sports so do not be surprised if local communities are competing to make the means water sports.

Tanjung Benoa Water Sports

Tanjung Benoa Water Sports Package offers a wide range of activities under the sea such as diving, snorkeling, sea walker and aqua star (underwater scooter), while activity on the sea like a jet ski, banana boat, rolling donut, flying fish, parasailing, fly board, wake board, etc. In addition to the activity under the sea and over the sea, water sports in Tanjung Benoa also can deliver you traveled to Turtle Island and Mangrove Forest using a Glass Bottom Boat or Boat usual.

The following selection of  Tanjung Benoa water sports packages

Package 1

Publish Rate : IDR 1.340.000

Discount 81% off

IDR 225.000

Package 2

Publish Rate IDR 1.340.000

Discount 77% off

IDR 275.000

Package 3

Publish Rate IDR 1.540.000

Discount 75% off

IDR 350.000

Package 4

Publish Rate IDR 1.480.000

Discount 68% off

IDR 430.000

Package 5

Publish Rate IDR 2.190.000

Discount 76% Off

IDR 500.000

Package 6

Publish Rate IDR 2.140.000

Discount 77% Off

IDR 450.000

Package 7

Publish Rate IDR 2.050.000

Discount 77% Off

IDR 400.000

Package 8

Publish Rate IDR 1.940.000

Discount 77% Off

IDR 410.000

Package 9

Publish Rate IDR 1.940.000

Discount 81% Off

IDR 360.000


Package 10

 Publish Rate IDR 1.940.000

Discount 84% Off

IDR 310.000

Package 11

Publish Rate IDR 2.480.00

Discount 81% Off

IDR 450.000

Package 12

Publish Rate IDR 3.000.000

Discount 81% Off

IDR 550.000

Package 13

Publish Rate IDR 2.940.000

Discount 84% Off

IDR 510.000

Package 14

Publish Rate IDR 3.480.000

Discount 83% Off

IDR 590.000

Package 15

Publish Rate IDR 3.420.000

Discount 81% Off

IDR 600.000

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